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Event Details

The new show CAVALLUNA – “Secret of Eternity” follows in the footsteps of CAVALLUNA Legend of the Desert – “World of Fantasy” and Secret of Eternity. Once again, the audience can look forward to seeing beautiful horses, outstanding riding performances, compelling images, and emotional music – against the backdrop of a fantastic story.

On the new European tour, the four-legged stars once again represent a feeling that is hard to describe and makes each of the shows unique: beauty, authenticity, and deep emotions. Performing with the best riders in Europe, the noble animals inspire visitors of all ages, offering unforgettable moments with elegance and grace.

Show 1
Door opening: 12:00 h
Start 14:00 h
Ende: 16:00 h

Show 2
Door opening: 17:00 h
Start 19:00 h
End: 21:00 h

The story

CAVALLUNA – Secret of Eternity “Secret of Eternity” tells a thrilling and multi-faceted story: Mamey, the beautiful daughter of a mysterious native tribe, travels through Central America to return the Stone of Eternity to its place of origin amongst her people. On her journey, she comes across the young peasant Joaquim, who, without knowing, is on the same mission. Together they head out on an exciting adventure on the backs of their horses. Will they succeed in uncovering the secret of eternity?

Experience spectacular riding performances against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes, colourful villages, romantic beaches, tropical forests, impressive temples, and mystical cultures!

Popular stars

The new show also brings you the most popular riding teams from all over Europe: Equipe Giona from Italy performs versatile classical and liberty dressage acts, while Sebastián Fernández’ Spanish riding team shows off the traditional Spanish riding style Doma Vaquera, and the Portuguese riders surrounding Luis Valença demonstrate their skills in challenging advanced dressage performances Once again, l iberty dressage artist – Secret of Eternity and crowd favourite –

Important Information

Tickets are available here

More information at: www.goodnews.ch

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