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20.000 Squaremeterpossibilities

Experienced experts and lean structures to meet highest demands

The well-established St. Jakobshalle Basel crew is here support you with planning and implementing of your next event.

Our task is to meet the demands of fans, organisers and artists alike and to continuously offer everyone and everywhere optimum conditions at all times – on stage, in front of or behind the scenes.

The teams in the various departments of the St. Jakobshalle Basel work with passion, experience and expertise to make «The Venue. For all.» not only the most multifunctional but most inspiring hall in Switzerland with every production.

Further goals and the values ​​represented can be found in the mission statement.


To reach our staff, please use the e-mail address or use our contact form. You can reach individual staff members at the indicated email addresses and contact numbers below.

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Our goals and values can be found in the mission statement.

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The variety and complexity of our industry has addictive potential! It’s incredibly enjoyable to work in such a motivated and mixed team.

Thomas Kastl
+41 61 317 82 22

From the beginning, I felt very comfortable and involved in our team. I contribute my experience and strengths to help us grow together in our tasks.

Evelyne Coray
Assistant to the Management
+41 61 317 82 14

Personal Statement follows.

Esra Fidan
+41 61 317 82 24

Event Management

With professionalism, customer orientation and passion, we make sure that our experienced team is constantly up to date in order to make «The Venue. For Everything.» even more attractive in the future.

Oliver Pompetzki
Head of Event Management
+41 61 317 82 95

My motivation is to inspire with a diverse entertainment program and to bring events to the Basel region. Together with our qualified team, we can do it!

Tobias Speck
+41 61 317 82 48

My goal is to use my experience and skills to make the St. Jakobshalle Basel as attractive as possible for organizers. Every event should inspire!

Benjamin Bielawski
+41 61 317 82 93

More concerts and events for everyone! It is fascinating for me to see and actively support a multitude of events, from the initial enquiry all the way to their completion.

Madeleine Fuhrer
Event Management & Admin.
+41 61 317 82 47


My job is to introduce the new booking and event planning system “momentus”. I look forward to this task with good courage and recognize a great deal of motivation in the team.

Samuel Riggenbach
+41 61 317 82 43

I’m working on the introduction of “momentus”. My motivation comes from years of experience as an event manager. I know how important it is to have good, functioning systems to help you.

Vanessa Eckert
+41 61 317 82 42

Marketing & Communication

The team spirit at the St. Jakobshalle Basel is exceptionally strong. So that the machine «St. Jakobshalle» works smoothly, all cogs work together, which makes everyday work exciting and motivating.

Linda Jelk
Marketing & Communication
+41 61 317 82 18

My job is to digitally implement guiding and informative concepts on 134 devices in order to optimally orient our visitors.

David Laffer
Programming of the In-House Screens
+41 79 604 42 67

Personal Statement follows.

Esra Fidan
+41 61 317 82 24


People and top service in all areas are our focus – whether in everyday sports activities or at big events. That is what we guarantee with our team!

Jost Waldispühl
Head of Gastronomy
+41 61 317 82 17

Our catering team is like a well-coordinated family unit with the ability to find solutions that work. We look forward to big events, exciting tasks and satisfied guests.

Janine Smit
+41 61 317 82 98

Although we always work in the same place, each task and its subsequent implementation is different. I can rely on the whole team and learn something new every day.

Stephan Boder
+41 61 317 82 91

Although we always work in the same place, each task and its subsequent implementation is different. I can rely on the whole team and learn something new every day.

Stephanie Hautle
+41 61 317 82 25

Right from the start I felt comfortable and actively involved in the team. I am particularly fascinated by the development of a wide range of events, from the first inquiry to the actual implementation.

Samira Lawrence
Intern Gastronomy
+41 61 317 82 23

Technical Crew

It is fun to work on projects together with our diverse team and to be a reliable and competent partner for promoters time and again.

Marcel Isler
Head of Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 68

I am an electrician, that is my main occupation. But when I’m not taking care of that, I’m the handyman for everything. My motto: Can’t do that? Out of the question!

Rolf Frech
Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 97

As a team player, I really enjoy working with my colleagues from different professions. We pull together in order to achieve our goals.

Patrick Girard
Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 94

Everyone is doing an excellent job in his or her field. This is the way in which we can continue to expand our quality standards and set a clear example in this country.

Pascal Hauser
Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 96

As a dedicated technician, it’s fun to contribute to the success of St. Jakobshalle in collaboration with all other skilled professionals here.

Mike Ritter
Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 90

Everyone of us brings his or her ability to the team; we work together for the benefit of St. Jakobshalle. This makes my work so varied and versatile.

Daniel Stettler
Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 89

I already experienced outstanding concerts here as a teenager. Now we want to host top acts and events again – thanks to our infrastructure, great ideas, and our highly motivated team.

Roger Niederberger
Event Technician
+41 61 317 82 92

I am fascinated by the variety in this industry, which always creates excitement. My goal is to turn every occasion into an unforgettable experience together with my team.

Michael Litwinenko
Event Technician
+41 61 317 82 40

My motivation for working at St. Jakobshalle is to constantly learn new things and experience the joy of teamwork.

Bruno Wennesz
+41 61 317 82 38

To cooperate with the most diverse personalities is great fun. I am committed to support St. Jakobshalle in all areas.

Sidney Trachsel
Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 35

With my work, I help athletes, guests, visitors and craftsmen to achieve a coordinated workflow and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Willy Distel
Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 37

The enthusiasm and commitment we demonstrate as a team and to satisfy our customers and our guests always gives me great pleasure.

Sven Herbstritt
Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 33

My training here is multifaceted and interesting and the team is very open and helpful. I look forward to learning many new things and to pass my apprenticeship.

Yeshe Thüring
Intern Technical Crew
+41 61 317 82 41


Our team masters all challenges quickly and unobtrusively in order to contribute to the good image of the St. Jakobshalle. We want everyone to feel safe and enjoy the events.

Beat Meier
Head of Security
+41 61 317 82 71

You can only achieve ambitious goals with a cohesive team. My contribution helps to ensure that the most beautiful event venue in Switzerland is also the safest in Europe.

Urs B. Strickler
+41 61 317 82 15

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Managing events, providing technical solutions, coordinating the catering and ensuring the safety of our guests: motivated and highly trained people from a wide range of professions are responsible for the operation of St. Jakobshalle Basel.