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Find Your Flow Festival

From 11. – 12.11.2023 the Find Your Flow Festival will take place in the St. Jakobshalle in Basel..

Experience the largest spiritual festival in Europe & discover your spirituality as you like it. On the find your flow! Festival you can pause for a moment, open yourself up to something bigger & find your own personal flow for life. We all know the state in which the movements follow one another almost by themselves, the mind is completely focused on the task and everything else is hidden. But that’s just the flow of the moment. The true flow, on the other hand, can do much more than just give happiness and lightness for a short time. Because the true flow is not just limited to a moment, it is the flow of life. This flow will change and awaken you. He will show you that life is a flowing stream & that every bend is for a reason. This flow helps you to understand your life. Challenges will still be challenges. But your new flow will show you how to face them & how to master them & grow from them. Discover the flow of life within you at find your flow! Festival 2023!


Be in the flow
Find your flow! Festival 2023 shows you your way to yourself, without rigid patterns and given beats. You have the chance to meet yourself & find your own personal flow & immerse yourself in it. Find your flow! Festival 2023 is an invitation for you to pause for a moment & forget for a moment what you think you know. Open yourself to something bigger & in that moment you will create miracles!


Let’s create a better future together! Together we can achieve much greater things & have more power. Together we are a CommYOUnity that sticks together, supports each other and looks in one direction. Am finding your flow! Festival we put togetherness in the foreground & strengthen our solidarity!


Let yourself be inspired! Not only do you meet all your favorite mentors in one place, but you can also be inspired by other speakers. Be open to new things & maybe even the person sitting next to you will inspire you. The doors at find your flow! Festival are wide open to new inspiration.


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Tickets are available here

More information at: www.findyourflow.ch

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